What is MESS

Our Modular Energy Storage Solution (MESS) combines Lithium Ion batteries with vertical axis wind turbine, solar panel, and generator technologies, all moderated by our patent-pending “digital brain,” to deliver a steady and efficient stream of reliable power. MESS is easily transportable and “plug and play,” allowing for rapid installation and startup. MESS features advanced interconnectivity and monitoring capabilities, making it ideal for operation in even the most remote locations.

  • SLEEK DESIGN: aesthetically pleasing, anti-theft, and fully enclosed
  • MODULAR: comes with plug-and-play solar and wind components
  • CONTAINERIZED: energy storage and generation components incorporated in unit
  • SCALABLE: able to meet power demands of up to TK with either wind or solar
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: can be tailored to meet specific requirements

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Modular Enegy Storage System


Scalable & Versatile

The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provides a system with nearly unlimited scaling.

Our MESS delivers a versatile energy storage solution that develops and produces the technology of the future.

Powerstorm storages its energy in its space saving Lithium Tray Batteries. What makes our systems not only environmental friendly, this technology affords the energy density, rapid charging and other characteristics needed in our demanding storage applications, and also guarantees our customer "5 years no questions asked" warranty with additional low-maintenance service optional agreement for 10 years.

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Powerstorm Configurator - Build a "MESS"