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zeroXess Is Not a Product, Its a Platform

"Stores, manages, and distributes optimized hybrid energy. 100% up time. Clean. Green. Unmatched".

zeroXess is a platform which develops and manages a scalable portfolio of energy generation and storage products. It provides monitoring, real-time analytics, and remote device control on a range of systems from the consumer focused zeroXess up to the business focused zeroXess Enterprise (2017).

The zeroXess allows its distribution partners to remotely control products, de-activating them if payments are missed, and detects if deliberate device tampering is attempted, reducing investor’s risk.

zeroXess monitoring technology is used to provide proactive service to all of our customers. zeroXess can remotely detect issues with products, such as degraded batteries or dirty solar panels and inform the customers either through a dedicated call center, or through zeroXess's network of technicians.

The technology is used to better understand this emerging and fast paced market. By understanding how its customers are using their lights, power and appliances, zeroXess can optimize future products to better meet these needs. zeroXess can even remotely upload new charging profiles or parameters to a zeroXess solar home system to ensure that a customer’s battery lasts as long as possible.

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