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Expansions. Installations. Upgrades.

Here is a summary of successful projects completed in May:

  • Expand RF Coverage in Mediterranean.
    • We just deployed another RF optimization project by installing 1000 dual band & 3G repeaters in multiple Mediterranean locations.
      The operator entrusted Powerstorm on this project due to our competitive solution and multiple local teams in the shortest time frame.
  • UPS for Switches in Nigeria
    • We recently helped our client in Nigeria to recover from their switch center emergency
      - by fixing their BSC and
      - upgrading their UPS systems to ensure back up is in place when power is off.
    • Now we are continuing similar process with the operator's other subsidiaries.
  • Equipment for Recovery Works in South America
    • Our disaster recovery team has been working with our operator clients in Caribbean islands and South America to restore networks that were damaged by recent storms and earthquakes.
      Our key tasks were deploying cables, antennas, batteries and mini BTS to ensure the communications are back to normal in the shortest time frame.
  • Broadband Up in Kenya
    • Last week we just commissioned a wireless broadband network in Kenya, including Base Station, PSU, Processors, Radios, Cables + Antennas.... and all powered by our solar solutions!
  • Upgrade DC Systems in Angola
    • While upgrading Huawei's DBS 3900, BTS 3900 for our clients in Angola, we also help them to replace 50 sites of their old DC Systems from Huawei to new systems that could handle hybrid control.
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