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Telecom rectifier systems provide large power features in cost effective, rack-mounted form. The system provide rectification, system management and power distribution while maintaining high reliability and offering flexibility for future expansion. The systems are based on hot-swappable rectifier modules with constant output power available at 1400W (24V), 1600W (48V), 2400W (48V) per module. System management is accomplished through messages and alarms displayed on the system controller's LCD screen and can also be displayed remotely via the PC-based software package. 


  • AC input 185-275VAC (85-185VAC at de-rated output)
  • 48VDC rectifier with up to 2400W output
  • 48VDC rectifier with up to 1600W output
  • 24VDC rectifier with up to 1400W output
  • Fan cooled rectifier modules
  • Front access design
  • Temperature hardened -40℃ to +65℃
  • 19″ or 23″ mounting arrangement
  • Extensive remote monitoring capabilities Modular DC distribution with LVD
  • Power Factor correction
  • ETSI compatible
  • Modular system from 1 to 32 modules in parallel
  • RS232andTCP-IP remote control
  • 1400W, 1600W, 2400W options