Clients Testimonials

Clients Testimonials

As a result of our intense dedication and superior service, we have impeccable client, vendor and banking references on file.

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Miroslavov A., CEO, Tier-1 Mobile Operator, Central Asia
"It is good to do business with you and your company. It is not so often when suppliers ship goods in time, with Powerstorm it goes by schedule..."

Andrew N, Network Operations Manager, Tier-1 Mobile Operator,  Southern Africa
"Thanks a million, you are a star."

 Maria M., SCM Senior Executive, Tier-1 Mobile Operator, Western Europe
"…thank you for exceeding expectations on the delivery of this order." 

 Tom S., Account Manager, Tier-1 OEM, Eastern Europe
"...Their attitude is very much welcoming in addition to service & business approach..."

Erik V., Supply Chain Director, Tier-1 OEM , Western Europe
"…if Powerstorm cannot source the product, 99.9% of other vendors cannot either …"

 Sherwin C., Supply Chain Director, Operator, Asia
"…our long relation with Powerstorm proves their best and highest professionalism rate among all our suppliers. …" 

Fareed A., Logistics Manager, Maintenance Department, Tier-1 Operator, Africa
"…I have cleared all three consignments in 2 days, Ericsson MW, spares and MSC spares. Thank you for your excellent cooperation."

Iman M., Telecom Project Director, Reseller, Middle East
"…If things go right we may think about exclusivity for your microwave equipment including all the repair and services for their old and existing links. …Thanks very much for your support. It will not happen without you." 

Damir T., CTO, OEM, Western Europe
"Thank you for the order, I think of you as my sweetest clients!! Thank you so much, you really made my day!! And week, and month…Many hugs to all of you ladies!!"

Xavier S., CFO, Tier-1 Operator, South America 
"…Thanks…You are really fantastic. I am very proud to work with a team with this way of professionalism."

Juergen H., Technical Director, Operator, Europe
"…I received them yesterday. At the moment ODU's are testing. The delivery time … hmmm… I'm surprised. It was really fast…"

Jan D., Sourcing Manager, Tier-1 Operator, Europe
"…Just a short note to let you know that we've received the cables this morning.
Many thanks for both sourcing and dispatching these in such quick time. It has enabled
us to keep important customer commitments."

Maureen L., Purchasing Executive, OEM, North America
"…Thank you so much for your support, it was great to receive it before due date so we
can make sure our project goes smoothly. Thanks again for your effort."

Lucas P., Project Manager, Tier-1 OEM, Central Asia 
"…I just got the information that the delivery arrived. Thanks a lot for your super-fast
help to avoid an enormous critical situation with a very important customer!"

Sanjay S., CTO, Tier-1 Mobile Operator, Southern Africa
"Powerstorm will soon become our partner on network equipment..."; "You are best in deliveries as well. Top! I am so happy for you. I prefer to work with serious companies and so far Powerstorm has impressed me..."

"That's what I call customer care from end to end."